Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

24 December 2006

Picnic in the Lao Valley

After lunch you boys can ride with your father to check the salt licks. He needs your help and you need the change after all your hard work digging the pond and the strain of taking care of Mary. Shorty is going to Macawao for supplies. I’ll have him stop at Tony’s house on the way and pick up a change of clothes for Mary. I’ll have him tell her sister Adelina all about the dress and that you and Mary will stay here for the night. I’m sure Adelina could use a break from you two.”
“Thank you Mrs. Silva.” Said a grateful Tony.
After washing up, the boys sat down to lunch. João’s father was already there at the table. They recounted their adventures with the pond and the bridge and father laughed with them.
“I have some news too!” smiled father. “The Gomes family has come to Kokomo for a visit to their son Manuel. We’ve planned a picnic get together in the Iao valley after church tomorrow. I think it will be a nice to see Joseph again and a picnic in the valley will be a welcome change.”
“I’ll bake some pão doce with eggs in it for the picnic. I know Julia will like that! planned Lucy Silva. “It will be nice to see Julia again.”
João’s heart beat faster and so did Tony’s. There was one person they were both really looking forward to seeing. Rose!


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