Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

17 November 2006

Playing Hookie

This suited Tony’s plans perfectly. He would sleep in until his father left for work and his sister went to do her housekeeping job for the Parker family in their beautiful mansion. Then Tony would slip out to meet his friend João by the mill.
The next morning all went according to plan. Even the weather cooperated by being beautiful and clear, for the boys day of adventure. João was there ahead of Tony waiting impatiently. “I thought you changed your mind about our plans at the last minute.”
“No way, I had to wait until my father and sister left for work. I was attacked yesterday and our house was robbed. My father thought I could use the rest, but I feel fine now,” said Tony.
“That must have been scary!” said João with eyes big and round. He had to hear all the details that Tony could remember before he said “Maybe you should take it easy today.”
“No! I’m fine. I’ve been looking forward to this day. Don’t you get all fatherly and over protective, too!”
Turning to the mill, Tony pointed to one f the smokestacks. “I dare you to climb that. I dare you for the love of Rose!”
“You’re crazy! I wouldn’t climb that. Suppose someone starts the fires up to boil the cane. I’d be fried like an egg on that smokestack!” argued João.
“Well, I have always wanted to climb that thing and today is the day I show you how to do it. You know perfectly well that the furnace is not fired up on Thursdays. See, there is no smoke!” Tony pointed out.


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