Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

08 December 2006

Chapter Five: Mary Wants to Help (part one)

“Who is that with Tony?” wondered João. “Oh no, it is his baby sister, Mary. She is such a pest. Now we’ll have to take care of her all afternoon.” He thought glumly. “There goes horseback riding with father!”
João waved his hand and ran toward Tony yelling, “Welcome friend! You’ve come at a perfect time as I’ve just finished my chores. But why did you have to bring your little sister?”
Tony said, “Saturday is the only day my sister Adelina can really clean the house and Mary was in her way. I couldn’t refuse to take Mary. It was the least I could do. I’m sorry João. But I made Mary promise to watch us and keep out of the way and be quiet,” apologized Tony.
Mary’s blond curls bounced all over her head as she quivered in anticipation of the fun she would have. Her blue eyes snapped mischievously, belying the innocent expression of raised eyebrows, as she said solemnly, “I promise not to bother you boys. I’ll be as good as an angel.”
“You didn’t say which kind of angel!” quipped João skeptically. The boys turned eagerly toward the spot they had picked for their duck pond. As they walked, they passed the marshy taro and rice patches that João had helped his father dig and irrigate.
Walking to the spot marked with sticks, João said, “I’ve got everything ready for us. It’s all staked out and the shovels are ready. Julius and Caesar, my two pet ducks will really enjoy their very own pond!” enthused João.


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