Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

17 December 2006

Chapter 5: Duck Pond for Two Ducks Named Julius and Caesar

Ignoring Mary, João turned to Tony and said, “All we need now are the ducks. I’ll go get Julius and Caesar and see how they like the pond. Give me a hand Tony, please?”
“Sure João” answered Tony. Turning to Mary he said. “You had better wait here Mary and stay away from the water! Don’t go near it until we get back.”
The boys quickly returned with two snowy plump white wriggling ducks in their clutches. They were unaware of Mary until she asked, “Why did you name those ducks Julius and Caesar? How do you know they are both boys?” Then they saw Mary perch at the beginning of the new bridge. One foot was still on the ground as the other foot was carefully testing the solidity and strength of the board bridge.
“Don’t!” was all that both boys had time to say before Mary took her second then third faltering wobbly steps.
“See you boys, I’m not a baby. This is easy.” She bragged. She looked up expecting to see the boys admiring faces but instead saw their looks of horror.
“Oh no!” wailed João. “I knew that when I saw your baby sister coming down the road, it meant trouble. Now look at what she is doing!”
Tony quickly reached the ponds edge. “Stay where you are! I’ll come and get you. Don’t you dare move!”
Tony quickly put Julius in the water and he (or she) swam around happily unaware of the drama overhead. João quickly followed suit with Caesar, not even bothering to watch him glide serenely through the water.
Then Tony stationed himself at one end of the bridge and João stood at the other side. “Now stay there! I’m coming after you!” whispered Tony urgently. “Relax, don’t be scared!”
“No! screamed Mary. “Leave me alone. I can do it myself!” These were the last words she uttered before she lost her balance and plunged into the muddy water, startling the ducks out of their complacency and out of their pond.


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