Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

27 November 2006

Chapter 4: The Pirate Again

“Don’t tell on us please!” begged João as he stared at the fierce looks of the stranger.
“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Assured the man leaning against a tree.
Tony studied the man carefully. His shifty eyes made him feel uneasy. When Tony eyed the gold earring, his heart skipped a beat! “Could this be the attacker?” thought Tony.
Thinking fast, Tony said, “I saw a sack filled with gold coins tied on a hook in the smoke stack rim, just out of my reach.” He lied. “I want to go get my father so he can go up and get it. My father’s arms are much longer than mine.”
The stranger’s face lit up with interest. “Say, I’ll guard this place for you while you go get help.” He offered.
Signaling João with his eyes, Tony said, “Thanks, I would appreciate your keeping an eye on things. It will take us awhile to get back. It is three miles to the sugar cane fields where my father works. We will hurry as fast as we can!”
Half-heartedly João agreed to go with Tony, although he knew it would ruin their day of fun and he would be caught for playing hooky.
Tony grabbed João’s hand and ran with him down the road. “Quick João! Lets get out of here. That man is bad. I recognized his earring! He’s my attacker from yesterday!”
João stopped in the middle of the road and said, “But that man will steal that sack of money before we get back!”
Tony laughed, “I made that story up to get him away from us.” He shook his head. “I guess he’ll be mad after he climbs that smokestack and finds nothing but an empty abyss. We better put a lot of distance between us and that guy.”
“Are you going to tell the constable about him? He might be able to catch him when he climbs down the stack,” asked João.
“Are you kidding?” answered Tony. “It would ruin our whole day of fun and get you expelled for truancy! Let’s go fishing with the natives liked we planned!” And that turned out to be the safest place for both boys because the ocean was one place the stranger wanted to avoid just now.


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