Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

14 October 2006

Chapter 3: Wedding Kaleidoscope

Rose was to remember that day forever. It was a kaleidoscope of new experiences for her, permeated by the joy radiating from the wedding couple. The ancient Latin mass was solemn, the sermon beautifully spoken in Portuguese and the couple’s union was sealed and blessed by God forever in the beautiful round church of the Holy Ghost in Kula.
Rose had never seen so many decorated colored cakes and candied almonds in her life. There was sopas (beef and kale soup) for everyone, Pâo doce (sweet bread), salads of every kind and color, homemade linguiça and morcelas (blood sausage) and vinho d’alhos (wine and garlic marinated pork).
The band, consisting of a violin, a clarinet, a guitar, 3 ukeleles, a snare drum, a violin, and a trombone, played the opening set. They began with the traditional chamarita, a Portuguese folk dance. Everyone young and old joined hands weaving in and out, spinning and changing partners as the caller yelled his instructions in Portuguese. The women’s bright flowered full skirts swirled about as they twirled around their partners.
Rose was changing partners when she realized the hand she was reaching for, was Tony’s.
“Hello beautiful one, have you missed me?” Tony asked as he swung her in a circle.
Rose had to laugh at the preposterous question.
“Of course not, I’ve been so busy with wedding preparations, school and chores that I never gave you or your friend another thought until now.”
Just as Tony was getting ready to turn his full charm to advantage, the caller yelled in Portuguese that everyone should change. The men moved to the right and the women moved left until they faced a new partner.


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