Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

09 October 2006

Chapter 3: On the Way to the Wedding

Although it had rained the night before, the morning held a rainbow in the mist, promising fair weather by noon. Nature seemed to be cooperating in making this a perfect day for the wedding pair. As everyone bustled around doing last minute chores, or putting finishing touches on their wedding gifts, their hearts lightened with gladness, that the day would be crisp and clear, for the celebration and dancing would be outside and would go on late into the night and early morning.
Joe hitched the wagon carefully, so as not to get his black suit dirty. The family had driven up to Makawao the day before to stay with friends so they could be fresh for the wedding in Kula. He was nervous and unconsciously fingered his bow tie as he thought about the duties of being best man. He checked his pocket for the hundredth time to see if he had the simple gold band in the small box. Manuel was still inside with his already perfect tie, and checking for imaginary specks on his suit and shoes. The reality was just dawning on Julia that she was losing her first born and her family was breaking up.
The groom appeared calm in the maelstrom of activity going on around him. He knew that what he was doing was right and the best thing that could happen to him. He smiled reassuringly at his mother, took his father’s hand and said,
“Let’s go. We’ll be late for the wedding if we don’t get started now.” He walked arm in arm with his father and mother on either side of him to the wagon, where the rest of the family waited.
A frame had been added to the wagon and decorated with colorful tassels and bells. Even the horse had his mane braided and decorated with matching tassels and bells from the wagon. You could hear the happy tinkling of bells as the wedding party set off on their journey to Kula.


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