Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

05 February 2007

Faithful Tony, Faithless Joao

Rose thought of Tony! Faithful Tony! He was handsome and strong and capable and honest. Everyone like Tony and she did too, but she did not love him. He lacked that certain something, the chemistry to excite her. Tony said he loved her and he certainly was patient with her lack of feeling for him.
It would have been so much better for Rose if she loved Tony instead of João. Then she would never feel this terrible pain in her heart. Why or why couldn’t she have fallen in love with Tony?
Only last week João had come over and asked her mother if he could talk to Rose. When they were alone, João said, “Rose, Lets run away? We can go to Oahu and I’ll buy land there. I won’t marry Adelina, I’ll marry you.”
Those words would have been so welcome a month earlier, but now it was too late. Adelina was Rose’s dear friend. She had confided to her that she was pregnant.
“Please don’t tell anyone!” she begged. Even though I was unwilling partner to João, no one would believe me, and I would be disowned. My brother Tony would probably kill João if he ever found out.”
Rose kept Adelina’s secret and hadn’t told a soul. She had told no one until João came that day to beg her to run away with him. Then Rose’s hurt and bitterness poured out.
“Never will I marry someone as traitorous as you! I know that Adelina is pregnant. Her baby will need a father.”
João hung his head and for the first time she saw this big strong man cry. He wept great tears of sorrow and shame as he just held her in his arms. Rose’s dark eyes were dry and bitter as she stood stiffly in his embrace. Her life was over. What did she have to live for now?


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