Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

02 February 2007

Chapter Seven: Kokomo

The rough flour sack mattress, stuffed with corn husks, made a crunching sound as Rose tossed and turned in her bed. Her eyes were dark pools of pain and the moon casting its pale light upon her made them shine like stars. Her thick coopery brown hair was plaited in a single braid making her look like a forlorn waif.
So much had happened in the past year since the Gomes family had moved to their small farm in Kokomo. Rose had lost her heart to João. He had grown so tall and handsome and charming. He attracted girls to him like bees to honey. It was just part of his nature. But no matter how many girls clustered around him at weddings and fiestas and family gatherings, João would always single Rose out and make her feel special by saving a special place by his side by his side and treating her like the unique individual that she really was.
He told her he loved her so many times that Rose finally believed him. He even believed it himself. He was s exciting to be with and he made her laugh. He was her whole world and she lived for the times she would see him again.
Now that was all ended! Today João Silva was marrying Adelina, Tony’s sister! Rose couldn’t believe it was really happening. She hurt so much inside that the pain was almost more than she could bear. How could she face the day? Yet how could she avoid the wedding without hurting Tony’s family.
Tony’s father a widow, had remarried Gloria who was a captain’s widow and was rather well to do. Adelina was Rose’s good friend and Tony’s father was good friends with her parents Joseph and Julia Gomes.


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