Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

05 January 2007

Chapter Six: Ioa Valley

Rose heard the rush of water in a nearby stream as it wended its laborious way through winding canyons, crashing over rocks and deep ravines, finally coming to rest in pools and ponds dotting the landscape. As Rose traveled the noise of the water sometimes sounded like a gurgle, sometimes like a torrent of rain, sometimes like a tinkle of bells and sometimes like a roar from an angry lion as it pounced over mountains and craggy cliffs. Everywhere streams and pools dotted the rich fertile green valley.

“I wonder if Tony and João will join us at the family picnic?” Rose thought irrelevantly and out of the blue.

Lydia poked Rose in the ribs playfully and said, “Wake up dreamer, we’re almost there. Look at those wagons. I guess there will be quite a gathering here.”

As they got closer, Lydia smiled and said, “Look, isn’t that Tony and his little sister Mary? Oh look, João is there too!”


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