Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

29 January 2007

Chapter Six: Tony Understands and Forgives

“Please, will you help me?” Gus pleaded. He had spoken quietly but his face and words held the full message of his desperation and sorrow and sickness.
João eagerly answered for them all. “We will help you. My God, how you have suffered! I know my father can use a carpenter on his ranch. Let me run and talk to him. He’ll know what to do. Wait here!”
As João ran off, Gus turned to the other two and said, “I knew when I heard you two talking Portuguese and sounded so full of fun and adventure, that you might help me! That is why I followed you.” He bowed his head and looked kind of sheepish as he apologized. “I’m sorry Tony, that I hit you that day, but I was so afraid you would turn me into the authorities. Knowing the ship was still off shore and the men were searching for me, I just couldn’t take the chance of trusting you. Please forgive me.”
“Now that I understand what you have gone through and your terrible fear, I can forgive you easily. You frightened me more than you hurt me! Tony said reassuringly.
Looking at Rose, Gus asked, “Is this the girl I heard you talking about? The one you climbed the smokestack for to prove your love?
“Smokestack?” Rose asked, blushing a becoming pink. “What is he talking about Tony?”
Tony’s face turned beet red and his hazel eyes rolled upward to heaven. “I’ll explain later, Rose.” He finally stuttered.
“By the way!” Gus interrupted, “There was no gold! I thought you might be lying, but I couldn’t go without checking. How did you recognize me?”
“I noticed your gold earring. It is unusual and I guessed you might be my attacker. I’m sorry for the lie. That sort of evens us out doesn’t it? How was your climb?” Tony joked.
“Well let’s say I got my exercise for the day and I must say you sure were brave. Rose is a lucky girl if it is bravery she admires!”


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