Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

05 September 2006

Chapter Two: Introduction

My mother told me stories of how her father (He is Tony in this story) would dive into the water with the native Hawaiians. They taught him how to hold his breathe and swim deep into the water and where to look for the crustaseans. She said she would always remember how he came up to the surface triumphantly with a lobster in each hand. It sounded so exciting to me.

Of course, the story of Tony and Joao in Chapter Two is really my grandmother's story. She really loved Joao, but she married Tony. I'm glad she did because he was a much better person and I wouldn't be here if she had married Joao. In real life he turned out to be a scoundrel. I hope you enjoy this chapter.


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