Maui Girl

These stories from Donna Austin come from her rich Maui history and heritage.

22 September 2006

Chapter Two: Tony and Joao

Looking up, she saw two boys splashing and showing off in the water like a pair of seals, trying to get her attention. Only a splash in her face seemed to break her reverie.
“Hello, beautiful girl! What is your name and where do you come from?” When she didn’t answer, the boy said, “My name is Tony and this is João, my best friend”, Tony smiled coaxingly.
Rose noticed that Tony had the straightest white teeth she had ever seen, contrasted against his golden brown skin, reddish gold hair and yellow green eyes. His friend João was just the opposite with hair almost black and big dark eyes that dominated his tanned face. His eyes sparked sheer deviltry as he smiled at her. Both boys skin glistened in the sun as they walked toward her.
These two eighteen year olds were the best looking boys she had ever seen, but their behavior was inexcusable, and looks were only skin deep, as her mother had always warned her.
Rose’s amber eyes flashed fire, as she gathered her wits about her. “How dare you splash my face! Go away, I don’t talk to strangers.“ She spun on her heels and ran back to where her Mom and sisters were sitting.
“Look what I found Mãe. Isn’t this shell beautiful? Listen to the ocean.”
Ignoring the proffered shell, her mother asked, “Who were those two boys that you were talking to just now?”
“Oh, just a couple of show offs. They said their names were Tony and João. I got rid of those two clowns fast.”
Her mother wrinkled her face, thinking hard. “I know those boys from somewhere. Did they speak Portuguese? One of them looks like he might be German.”
“They both spoke Portuguese and English to me. I didn’t ask what their last names were because I didn’t care to know. They splashed my face with water!” said Rose indignantly. “I don’t like them at all.”
“A little water never killed anyone! You’re making a big thing from nothing”, admonished her mother.


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